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HipHopTool is a tool made by community member igorseabra4 in C#. It is a command line and console interface for HipHopFile.

It can be used to extract all assets from a HIP/HOP file into a folder structure and INI file, which allows the user to edit them, and then rebuild the archive using these same files. The new archive does not rely on the previous one for anything, and as such may contain added/removed assets which can be of any size.


The program can be used simply by opening it and selecting one of the available options (extracting or creating a HIP archive), or it can be run from the command line for faster use with batch scripts. The download includes a readme with instructions.



HipHopFile is the library behind HipHopTool. It consists of classes and methods to allow reading and writing of HIP archives. It's also used by Industrial Park and BFBB Patch Tool.