From Heavy Iron Modding


Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 u8 streamed
0x01 u8 pad1 0x33
0x02 u8 pad2 0x33
0x03 u8 pad3 0x33
0x04 p32 sourceString Pointer to *.fdp string (FEV file, null-terminated, 4-byte alignment)
0x08 p32 indices Pointer to indices


Offset Type Description
0x00 u32 Pathlength - Amount of paths after that
Directory/Sound Path
0x00 u8 Flags - 0 = Directory, 1 = Sound
0x01 u8 Always null?
0x02 u8 Type - 0x00 = Sound, 0x80 = Directory
0x03 u8 Index - Zero-based directory/sound index.

Example: Sound "/SHUBs/SHUB_Pat_roll_over" inside the SHUBs.fev file (index 9) would look like this as an indices entry: 00000002 00008000 01000009