Cloudy With a Chance of BFBB!

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Cloudy With a Chance of BFBB! Official Mod Information

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This mod is an attempt to recreate the story of my all-time favorite Sony Pictures film from 2009, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, but with SpongeBob and friends, and with the mechanics and engine of BFBB.

Status and Current Information

Cloudy With a Chance of BFBB! currently has no set-in-stone release deadline. It will release when all planned 8-9 levels are complete and tested to be bug free enough to publicly release.

(SPOILERS) If you don't mind spoilers...

If you don't mind watching progress as progress releases, a gallery and playlist of videos is included of what is currently out and functioning and/or still being worked on but still functioning. Important notice: What you see in these showcases and gallery images is subject to change as this mod is still in early development stages currently. Some features may change or be removed/added in the final public HIP/HOP level releases!

Gameplay Gallery of Potentially Finished Levels

Demo Release Information and History

Release #1

A demo release of Cloudy With a Chance of BFBB is available for download here, and includes everything needed to play the demo release.

Release #2

A 2nd demo release is available to download and play here.

How to Install the Demo Release

To install the demo release, please follow these steps below

  1. Extract the demo ZIP to an empty directory
  2. Create a folder in your BFBB copy's files folder where the level folders are.
  3. Name the folder "cb"
  4. Copy or cut only the cbXX files, not boot.HIP, we extracted earlier to the cb folder in BFBB's game directory
  5. Backup your current boot.HIP in case you need the vanilla one still, and copy or cut the one from the demo release and replace the existing boot.HIP (the mod contains custom sounds and collectibles in boot.HIP, this is why we are doing this step)
  6. Go to "sb.ini" in the game directory now, and set it up to boot to "CB00"
  7. Boot up the game, and the demo levels should load, have fun playing the demo release!

Gameplay Showcase Videos

Below is a link to an official playlist for gameplay showcases of currently potentially complete levels.

Official Gameplay Showcase YouTube Videos

Installation Instructions

Coming Someday!