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This page is for importing Materials from existing MODLs found in Battle for Bikini Bottom and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie for the purpose of importing costumes from TSSM using RWAnalyse which can be found here.

Complex MODLs, such as SpongeBob_bind.dff, contain separate Materials dedicated to certain parts of the MODL such as SpongeBob's arms, bubble wand, and body. Opening these MODLs in RWAnalyse will be used throughout this entire process.

Step 1

Open your MODL (Hungover SpongeBob used for this example) into RWAnalyse and convert your model to the appropriate version number. Battle for Bikini Bottom uses version 3.5, so changing the version number is important for the MODL data to work. Skipping this step may result in glitches.

Step 2

Collapse all the sections first to make things easier (sections will re-expand during certain steps).

Right click and Export the Geometry data section that corresponds with SpongeBob's body MODL material.

If unsure what Geometry data his body is in, check to see which Section has the most bytes.

Also, it doesn't matter what the exported file is named.

Step 3

Open BfBB SpongeBob's MODL and import the exported Geometry data into SpongeBob's body (has the most bytes) to overwrite the data.

Done! Import the MODL back into boot.hip and test it. Remember to import any new textures as well.

For importing other MODL parts, check the model's Materials using Industrial Park. IP won't directly tell you, but the texture gives a hint as to what it might be (Ex: chr_sb05 is SpongeBob's main texture used for his body and arms). This method requires a lot of trial and error, so using 3DSMax is likely recommended for more precision.

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