BFBB Fodder Attack

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Title Card for BFBB: Fodder Attack.

Mod Description[edit]

The evil King Fodder has escaped from the Duplicatotron 3000, and now it's planning to cause a rampage on Bikini Bottom! What will SpongeBob and his crew do to stop this evil King Fodder? Find out in this FULL-GAME romhack of BfBB that adds 100 custom spatulas, tasks, levels, and socks! 

BFBB Fodder Attack Discord

Download The Jellyfish Fields Demo[edit]

Files Required for the Game to Run

1.3 Updated Files

Read the "Read Me" text file provided in the download for instructions on how to download the mod.

Patch Notes[edit]

Alpha 1.1

- Fixed a big softlock where hans would randomly grab you in phase 3 of the Mini-Fodder boss, making basically the entire mod unplayable

- Fixed some task skips

- All accidentally leftover debug triggers have been disabled.

- Other small stuff

Alpha 1.2

-Made the Bring Down the Tower mission in the hub world less annoying

-Fixed floating trees in JF Ocean

Alpha 1.3 (Most Recent)

-Added underwear to the robot ambush in Bikini Bottom

-Patched Cage Clip in Jellyfish Caves.

-The Taxi at the start of Downtown Bikini Bottom now works.

-Removed an unused box that caused problems in Downtown Bikini Bottom.

-Fixed a softlock at the start of Jellyfish Fields where if you completed BubbleBuddy's mission but skipped the success text you wouldn't get the spatula.

-Fixed a bug where the game would only take away 500 shinies instead of the intended 1500 shinies in the Quality Craftsmanship in the Bucket spatula.