BFBB Fodder Attack

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Title Card for BFBB: Fodder Attack.

Mod Description

The evil King Fodder has escaped from the Duplicatotron 3000, and now it's planning to cause a rampage on Bikini Bottom! What will SpongeBob and his crew do to stop this evil King Fodder? Find out in this FULL-GAME romhack of BfBB that adds 100 custom spatulas, tasks, levels, and socks! 

BFBB Fodder Attack Discord

Download The Jellyfish Fields Demo

Files Required for the Game to Run

1.3 Updated Files

Read the "Read Me" text file provided in the download for instructions on how to download the mod.

Patch Notes

Alpha 1.1

- Fixed a big softlock where hans would randomly grab you in phase 3 of the Mini-Fodder boss, making basically the entire mod unplayable

- Fixed some task skips

- All accidentally leftover debug triggers have been disabled.

- Other small stuff

Alpha 1.2

-Made the Bring Down the Tower mission in the hub world less annoying

-Fixed floating trees in JF Ocean

Alpha 1.3 (Most Recent)

-Added underwear to the robot ambush in Bikini Bottom

-Patched Cage Clip in Jellyfish Caves.

-The Taxi at the start of Downtown Bikini Bottom now works.

-Removed an unused box that caused problems in Downtown Bikini Bottom.

-Fixed a softlock at the start of Jellyfish Fields where if you completed BubbleBuddy's mission but skipped the success text you wouldn't get the spatula.

-Fixed a bug where the game would only take away 500 shinies instead of the intended 1500 shinies in the Quality Craftsmanship in the Bucket spatula.