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This page contains downloads for BFBBMix.

Version 5.0 (Full Game)

Released 28 August 2020

Current patch

  • Download Version 5.05 Patch for GameCube (includes all previous fixes)
  • Download Version 5.05 Patch for Xbox (includes all previous fixes)
    • Makes the objective of a sock in Flounder Hill more clear.
    • Makes the exit leaving Sandy's Dream more apparent.
    • Makes it clear which roses you can stand on in Sandy's Dream.
    • Adds a cutscene revealing the solution to opening a path in Sandy's Dream.
    • Trampolines in the Robo-Plankton boss fight bounce you higher so you no longer need to spin-stall before hitting him.
    • Changes the behavior of a task warp in Jellyfish Fields.
    • Adds the complete credits to the main menu.
    • Fixes the collision of rocks around the fountain outside Jellyfish Caves.
    • Improves the appearance of scenery in Downtown Bikini Bottom and Rock Bottom.
    • Fixes an issue in the hub where objects and enemies were visible on the ceiling.
    • Fixes major instances of z-fighting in Downtown Bikini Bottom.
  • Download Stereo Soundtrack for Xbox

Old patches

  • Download Version 5.04 Patch for GameCube (includes all previous fixes)
  • Download Version 5.04.1 Patch for Xbox (includes all previous fixes)
    • Adds checkpoints to the Robo-Sandy fight.
    • Robo-Sandy now reverts back to her previous phase if the player takes too long during the acorn phase.
    • Adds transparency to the waterfall in Jellyfish Fields.
    • Adds a purple shiny object to Jellyfish Fields.
    • Changes bungee objectives in Sand Mountain and Rock Bottom.
    • Repairs camera collision with most walls in Jellyfish Fields and Downtown Bikini Bottom.
    • Fixes a bug where trading socks for a spatula would lower the menu sock count for the current level.
    • Fixes a bug where players could see the 100% ending with 99 spatulas.
    • Fixes a bug where the camera would get stuck when talking to Mr. Krabs or Patrick for the first time.
    • Fixes severe z-fighting in Downtown Bikini Bottom and Sand Mountain.
  • Xbox-specific fixes in Version 5.04.1:
    • Adds a warning to the New Game menu about unplugging the controller.
    • Adds a warning to the Load Game menu about the inability to return to the main menu.
    • The floating button above NPCs now matches the Xbox trigger.
    • Updates the main menu credits.
    • The button cages in the hub world no longer appear in Quick Play.
  • Download Version 5.04 Patch for Xbox
  • Download Version 5.03.1 Hotfix for GameCube
  • Download Version 5.03.1 Hotfix for Xbox
    • Reverses a change made to the spawn angle in Patrick's Mind when warping to it from the pause menu.
  • Download Version 5.03 Patch for GameCube (includes all previous fixes)
  • Download Version 5.03 Patch for Xbox (includes all previous fixes)
    • Fixed a bug with out-of-bounds detection in Jellyfish Volcano.
    • Xbox: Added timer sound for Kelp Vines.
    • Modified some visuals in the King Jellyfish boss area.
    • Added background visuals to Rock Bottom.
    • Added ability to refight Robo-Plankton after completing the boss fight (even on already existing save files).
    • Added exit textbox to Patrick's Mind when Patrick runs out of things to say.
    • Added exit boat to the Flying Dutchman boss fight.
    • Added exit boat to Dutchman's Ship after completing the challenge.
  • Download Version 5.02 Patch for GameCube (includes all previous fixes)
  • Download Version 5.02 Patch for Xbox (includes all previous fixes)
    • Shows Krusty Deluxe stages in the main Quick Play menu.
    • Fixes an issue where boss fights could be unlocked in the hub rather than the menu while playing in Quick Play mode.
    • Adds an option to the main menu to check if the game is installed correctly. (If it crashes, the game was not installed correctly.)
    • Adjusts placement of some platforms and adds hint text to phase one of the Robo-SpongeBob fight.
    • Adds checkpoints to phase two of the Robo-SpongeBob fight.
    • Adjusts out-of-bounds detection at the top of Jellyfish Volcano.
    • Attempted fix for a rare crash when loading into Poseidome.
    • Fixes a typo in Sand Mountain.
    • Fixes an issue in Kelp Vines where Gary would talk to the player at unnecessary times.
    • Fixes an issue in the Quit Game menu where options would become unselectable.
    • Includes all fixes from Version 5.01.
  • Download Version 5.01 Patch for GameCube
  • Download Version 5.01 Patch for Xbox
    • Fixes an issue that prevented Patrick from trading with the player.
    • Fixes an issue in Goo Lagoon where two G-Loves would respawn after being defeated.
    • Fixes an issue in the Hub where falling back into the attic would re-trigger the fight music despite lacking any robots.
    • Fixes an issue where some players wouldn't get the 100% ending.
    • Fixes an issue where the final boss spatula was visible on Xbox.
    • Fixes an issue where the player had control of SpongeBob during the ending sequence.

Release notes

  • General:
    • Chapter 3: Adds Bikini Bottom, Kelp Forest, Flying Dutchman's Graveyard, SpongeBob's Dream, and Chum Bucket Lab.
    • Adds three bonus levels: Hole in Sponge!, Switchy Business, and Not Until Four.
    • Various bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements in previous levels.
    • Adds saving and loading feature.
  • Jellyfish Fields:
    • Adjusts spawn angles.
  • Downtown Bikini Bottom:
    • Fixes a crash when transforming into a spongeball near the perimeter of the ring challenge.
  • Sand Mountain:
    • Adjusts spawn angles.
    • Improves collision with a fence in Guppy Mound.
  • Xbox:
    • Reconverts most levels to be 100% accurate to the GameCube version.
    • Adds looping tick sound to timed challenges.
    • Fixes an issue with spikes in Jellyfish Caves.
    • Fixes wooden tiki shrapnel in Boating School.
    • Fixes a bus stop in Rock Bottom Chasm.

Version 4.0

Released 14 June 2020


Release notes

  • General:
    • Revamps the Prawn boss fight, both visually and in gameplay.
    • Adds two bonus levels: Cabin Fever and Mount Don't-Fall-Off.
    • Changes the style of textboxes to fit the aesthetic of the menus.
  • Rock Bottom:
    • Modifies the objectives of a spatula and a sock.
  • Mermalair:
    • Enlarges the housing of the computer button so that it is easier to hit.
  • Downtown Bikini Bottom:
    • Moves a "No Spongeball" sign for clarity.
  • Xbox:
    • Fixes robot death sound in all areas.

Version 3.0

Released 6 June 2020


Release notes

  • General:
    • Chapter 2: Adds Rock Bottom, Mermalair, Sand Mountain, and Industrial Park.
    • Implements chapter boss gates.
    • Reorganizes various pause menu items.
    • Improves camera collision in certain areas.
    • Transparent goo now remains transparent through deaths.
    • Player now starts with 4 health in Quick Play.
  • Xbox:
    • Restores most sound effects.
    • Some levels have been re-converted to be accurate to the GameCube version.
    • Music has been re-formatted in order to drastically decrease the chances of crashing.

Version 2.1

Released 15 April 2020

Release notes

  • Adds three Chapter 1 Bonus Levels: Rooftop Rumble, Jellyfish Jam, and Patrick's Puzzle.

Version 2 / Version X1

Released 30 March 2020


Release notes

  • Jellyfish Fields:
    • Fixed camera collision with some walls in the jellyfish cage area.
  • Downtown Bikini Bottom:
    • Fixed collision with some fences that SpongeBob could walk through.
    • Fixed camera collision with the exterior of the Boating School.
    • Adjusted the zone where SpongeBob can press R to enter the Boating School.
    • Changed the location of one of the spatula warps to make its objective more clear.
    • Fix for an issue where Larry would sometimes not give you the spatula for collecting all 11 Steering Wheels.
  • Goo Lagoon:
    • Fix for an issue where a Ham-Mer could hit you through a wall in Goo Lagoon Caves.
    • Fixed camera collision inside the Muscle Bar.
  • Xbox:
    • Lacks a few enemy sound effects and Poseidome sound effects to essentially eliminate chance of crashes. Sound effects are being worked on for a future version.

Version 1

Released 14 March 2020

Release notes

  • Added Jellyfish Fields, Downtown Bikini Bottom, Goo Lagoon, and Poseidome.
  • Disabled taxi pads for isolated chapter mode.