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This page contains downloads for the BFBBMix Demo, an early version of Jellyfish Fields released on 6 September 2019.

Version Release date Description Download
Demo v2.03 27 January 2020
  • Fixed goo frozen model in Jellyfish Caves.
  • Various bugfixes.
  • Ported to Xbox.


Demo v2.02 24 January 2020
  • Various bugfixes in Jellyfish Fields.
  • Changed number of socks in Jellyfish Fields to 14.
  • Quick Play menu now gives you early powers.
Demo v1.02 12 September 2019
  • Fixed walljump and button collision in Jellyfish Caves.
  • Fixed checkpoint at the top of Jellyfish Volcano.
  • Fixed spatula warp to Save the Jellies.
Demo v1.01 10 September 2019
  • Fixes several issues, mostly collision.
Demo v1.0 6 September 2019 GameCube