Memory map

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This page has a list of known, documented special values in BFBB's game memory. Currently this list is specific to the GameCube US version. Some values might not be accurately listed (for instance, the type could be a char and not an int, or signed instead of unsigned) so if this is the case, please edit this page and fix it if you have an account.

See File:DME memory map for BFBB.json for a list of noteworthy memory locations in the GameCube NTSC edition, in a format that can be imported into Dolphin-memory-engine.


Address Offset Type Description
80297E48 int Hans' state
802C8B00 float position (X)
802C8B04 float position (Y)
802C8B08 float position (Z)
802DEE8B char is player on ground?
803C0C31 char is autosave on?
803C0F15 char can SpongeBob use bubble bowl?
803C0F16 char can SpongeBob use cruise bubble?
803C1C0B unsigned char current number of underwear
803C1C90 unsigned int max underwear player currently has
803C1F40 float bubble bowl speed
803C2010 int can player double-jump?
803C2020 int can player jump?
803C2030 int is player jumping?
803C2034 int is player double-jumping?
803C2038 int is the bubble wand out?
803CAA40 char is L-control active?
803CB4A4 0 float momentum (X)
803CB4A4 4 float momentum (Y)
803CB4A4 8 float momentum (Z)
803CB69F char kill aura (e.g. on slide)?
803CB984 char currently saving game?


Address Type Description
803C2058 int shiny objects
803C205C int spatulas
803C2118 int level-specific item (bottom left on HUD)
803C211C int socks

Socks collected

Address Type Description
803C2060 int Bikini Bottom
803C2064 int Jellyfish Fields
803C2068 int Downtown
803C206C int Goo Lagoon
803C2070 int Poseidome
803C2074 int Rock Bottom
803C2078 int Mermalair
803C207C int Sand Mountain
803C2080 int Industrial Park
803C2084 int Kelp Forest
803C2088 int Graveyard
803C208C int Dream
803C2090 int Chum Bucket
803C2094 int Patrick
803C2098 int Mr. Krabs

Socks total

Address Type Description
803C209C int Bikini Bottom
803C20A0 int Jellyfish Fields
803C20A4 int Downtown
803C20A8 int Goo Lagoon
803C20AC int Poseidome
803C20B0 int Rock Bottom
803C20B4 int Mermalair
803C20B8 int Sand Mountain
803C20BC int Industrial Park
803C20C0 int Kelp Forest
803C20C4 int Graveyard
803C20C8 int Dream
803C20CC int Chum Bucket
803C20D0 int Patrick
803C20D4 int Mr. Krabs