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Full game

These downloads are for full game versions of BFBBMix.

Version 5.06

Released 4 March 2022


  • Xbox: Fixes softlock when disconnecting the controller.
  • Fixes potential softlock when trading socks in the menu by calling Hans.
  • Adds a clam near the start of each world which offers sock hints.
  • There is now at least one purple shiny object in every sub-area of every world.
  • A prompt now asks if you want to make a save file at the start of the game.
  • Reselecting the currently playing Krusty Deluxe stage will now simply respawn the player.
  • Adds a new purpose to the spongeball pickup in Rock Bottom.
  • Makes the effect of a button more visible and persistent in Rock Bottom.
  • Earlier checkpoints can no longer be accidentally retriggered after progressing in Jellyfish Volcano, Squidward's Dream, and the Robo-SpongeBob fight.
  • Fixes an issue where you couldn't unpause with the Start button.
  • Various minor fixes and adjustments throughout the game.

Version 5.05

Released 25 September 2021


  • Makes the objective of a sock in Flounder Hill more clear.
  • Makes the exit leaving Sandy's Dream more apparent.
  • Makes it clear which roses you can stand on in Sandy's Dream.
  • Adds a cutscene revealing the solution to opening a path in Sandy's Dream.
  • Trampolines in the Robo-Plankton boss fight bounce you higher so you no longer need to spin-stall before hitting him.
  • Changes the behavior of a task warp in Jellyfish Fields.
  • Adds the complete credits to the main menu.
  • Fixes the collision of rocks around the fountain outside Jellyfish Caves.
  • Improves the appearance of scenery in Downtown Bikini Bottom and Rock Bottom.
  • Fixes an issue in the hub where objects and enemies were visible on the ceiling.
  • Fixes major instances of z-fighting in Downtown Bikini Bottom.

Version 5.04

Released 14 March 2021


  • Adds checkpoints to the Robo-Sandy fight.
  • Robo-Sandy now reverts back to her previous phase if the player takes too long during the acorn phase.
  • Adds transparency to the waterfall in Jellyfish Fields.
  • Adds a purple shiny object to Jellyfish Fields.
  • Changes bungee objectives in Sand Mountain and Rock Bottom.
  • Repairs camera collision with most walls in Jellyfish Fields and Downtown Bikini Bottom.
  • Fixes a bug where trading socks for a spatula would lower the menu sock count for the current level.
  • Fixes a bug where players could see the 100% ending with 99 spatulas.
  • Fixes a bug where the camera would get stuck when talking to Mr. Krabs or Patrick for the first time.
  • Fixes severe z-fighting in Downtown Bikini Bottom and Sand Mountain.
  • Xbox-specific fixes:
    • Adds a warning to the New Game menu about unplugging the controller.
    • Adds a warning to the Load Game menu about the inability to return to the main menu.
    • The floating button above NPCs now matches the Xbox trigger.
    • Updates the main menu credits.
    • The button cages in the hub world no longer appear in Quick Play.

Version 5.03

Released 12 January 2021


  • Fixed a bug with out-of-bounds detection in Jellyfish Volcano.
  • Xbox: Added timer sound for Kelp Vines.
  • Modified some visuals in the King Jellyfish boss area.
  • Added background visuals to Rock Bottom.
  • Added ability to refight Robo-Plankton after completing the boss fight (even on already existing save files).
  • Added exit textbox to Patrick's Mind when Patrick runs out of things to say.
  • Added exit boat to the Flying Dutchman boss fight.
  • Added exit boat to Dutchman's Ship after completing the challenge.

Version 5.02

Released 5 October 2020


  • Shows Krusty Deluxe stages in the main Quick Play menu.
  • Fixes an issue where boss fights could be unlocked in the hub rather than the menu while playing in Quick Play mode.
  • Adds an option to the main menu to check if the game is installed correctly. (If it crashes, the game was not installed correctly.)
  • Adjusts placement of some platforms and adds hint text to phase one of the Robo-SpongeBob fight.
  • Adds checkpoints to phase two of the Robo-SpongeBob fight.
  • Adjusts out-of-bounds detection at the top of Jellyfish Volcano.
  • Attempted fix for a rare crash when loading into Poseidome.
  • Fixes a typo in Sand Mountain.
  • Fixes an issue in Kelp Vines where Gary would talk to the player at unnecessary times.
  • Fixes an issue in the Quit Game menu where options would become unselectable.

Version 5.01

Released 14 September 2020


  • Fixes an issue that prevented Patrick from trading with the player.
  • Fixes an issue in Goo Lagoon where two G-Loves would respawn after being defeated.
  • Fixes an issue in the Hub where falling back into the attic would re-trigger the fight music despite lacking any robots.
  • Fixes an issue where some players wouldn't get the 100% ending.
  • Fixes an issue where the final boss spatula was visible on Xbox.
  • Fixes an issue where the player had control of SpongeBob during the ending sequence.

Version 5.0

Released 28 August 2020


  • General:
    • Chapter 3: Adds Bikini Bottom, Kelp Forest, Flying Dutchman's Graveyard, SpongeBob's Dream, and Chum Bucket Lab.
    • Adds three bonus levels: Hole in Sponge!, Switchy Business, and Not Until Four.
    • Various bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements in previous levels.
    • Adds saving and loading feature.
  • Jellyfish Fields:
    • Adjusts spawn angles.
  • Downtown Bikini Bottom:
    • Fixes a crash when transforming into a spongeball near the perimeter of the ring challenge.
  • Sand Mountain:
    • Adjusts spawn angles.
    • Improves collision with a fence in Guppy Mound.
  • Xbox:
    • Reconverts most levels to be 100% accurate to the GameCube version.
    • Adds looping tick sound to timed challenges.
    • Fixes an issue with spikes in Jellyfish Caves.
    • Fixes wooden tiki shrapnel in Boating School.
    • Fixes a bus stop in Rock Bottom Chasm.

Legacy versions

These downloads are for versions of BFBBMix released before the full game. Many aspects of these builds are now outdated.

GameCube instructions

Step 1. Extract Battle for Bikini Bottom's data files

  • Download and open Gamecube Rebuilder.
  • Click Image > Open and open your Battle for Bikini Bottom ISO.
  • On the right side of the window, right-click Root and click Export, which will make a root folder. Click Image > Close.

Step 2. Extract BFBBMix into the data files

  • Use 7-Zip or WinRAR to extract BFBBMix into the root folder.

Step 3. Build an ISO file for BFBBMix

  • In GameCube Rebuiler, in Options, ensure the "Do not use 'game.toc'" option is checked. (This is important.)
  • Click Root > Open and open the root folder.
  • Click Root > Save. Click Root > Rebuild.

Step 4. Verify the installation

  • Run the game in Nintendont or Dolphin, and press Y at the main menu to check the installation. If the game crashes, go back to a previous step and try again.

Xbox instructions

To play BFBBMix on Xbox, you will need a softmodded Xbox with a dashboard such as UnleashX or a JTAG/RGH Xbox 360.

  1. Rip Battle for Bikini Bottom to your Xbox.
  2. Drag and drop the ripped folder to your PC and extract BFBBMix into the folder.
  3. Rename the folder something different and drag and drop it back onto your Xbox.
  4. On your Xbox, use File Explorer to navigate to the BFBBMix folder to run the default.xbe file.

Version 4.0

Released 14 June 2020



  • General:
    • Revamps the Prawn boss fight, both visually and in gameplay.
    • Adds two bonus levels: Cabin Fever and Mount Don't-Fall-Off.
    • Changes the style of textboxes to fit the aesthetic of the menus.
  • Rock Bottom:
    • Modifies the objectives of a spatula and a sock.
  • Mermalair:
    • Enlarges the housing of the computer button so that it is easier to hit.
  • Downtown Bikini Bottom:
    • Moves a "No Spongeball" sign for clarity.
  • Xbox:
    • Fixes robot death sound in all areas.

Version 3.0

Released 6 June 2020



  • General:
    • Chapter 2: Adds Rock Bottom, Mermalair, Sand Mountain, and Industrial Park.
    • Implements chapter boss gates.
    • Reorganizes various pause menu items.
    • Improves camera collision in certain areas.
    • Transparent goo now remains transparent through deaths.
    • Player now starts with 4 health in Quick Play.
  • Xbox:
    • Restores most sound effects.
    • Some levels have been re-converted to be accurate to the GameCube version.
    • Music has been re-formatted in order to drastically decrease the chances of crashing.

Version 2.1

Released 15 April 2020


  • Adds three Chapter 1 Bonus Levels: Rooftop Rumble, Jellyfish Jam, and Patrick's Puzzle.

Version 2.0

Released 30 March 2020



  • Jellyfish Fields:
    • Fixed camera collision with some walls in the jellyfish cage area.
  • Downtown Bikini Bottom:
    • Fixed collision with some fences that SpongeBob could walk through.
    • Fixed camera collision with the exterior of the Boating School.
    • Adjusted the zone where SpongeBob can press R to enter the Boating School.
    • Changed the location of one of the spatula warps to make its objective more clear.
    • Fix for an issue where Larry would sometimes not give you the spatula for collecting all 11 Steering Wheels.
  • Goo Lagoon:
    • Fix for an issue where a Ham-Mer could hit you through a wall in Goo Lagoon Caves.
    • Fixed camera collision inside the Muscle Bar.
  • Xbox:
    • Lacks a few enemy sound effects and Poseidome sound effects to essentially eliminate chance of crashes. Sound effects are being worked on for a future version.

Version 1.0

Released 14 March 2020


  • Added Jellyfish Fields, Downtown Bikini Bottom, Goo Lagoon, and Poseidome.