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Full Game Mods

Mod Author Version Release Description
BFBBMix skyweiss 5.0 2020.08.28 Full game mod with entirely new levels, objectives and music.
BFBB:Second Strike aaron5015 1.02.6 2020.03.27 Full game mod significantly increasing the difficulty of the original game.
BFBB:Eternal Blackout aaron5015 1.0 2021.02.21 Venture through all of Bikini Bottom with limited vision.
TetraxZ's BfBB Showcase Mod TetraxZ 1.5 2018.09.14 Showcases what Industrial Park can do in terms of editing levels.
Ring Challenge Mod Part 1 TetraxZ 1.1 2021.01.01 Ring Challenges spanning several worlds requiring different mechanics.
Spongebob Squarepants: Spatula Collector aaron5015 1.0 2021.08.01 100 Spatulas, One area. Insanity? Yes.

Other Mods

All download links are either to packs of HIP/HOP files (which you must replace yourself in an extracted game) or patch files which you must use BFBB Patch Tool to apply.

Mod Name Author Type Platform First release Links Description
Double H Fields Double H Audio GameCube 2021.01.17 2021.08.05 Replaces all SFXs in Jellyfish Fields, the Menu, & SpongeBob's attacks with Double H. Currently only covers part 1 of Jellyfish Fields.
Jellyfish Fields Combat Arena Challenge MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2020.12.24 2020.12.24 TSSM's combat challenges, but now in BFBB! A one golden spatula Level with no socks.
TSSM Sounds in BfBB Double H Audio GameCube 2020.08.10 2021.05.02 Replaces SB and Pat's SDFXs with counterparts from TSSM as well as replacing SDFXs for Buttons and Springboards.
BFBBFix 1SDAN Player Experience Gamecube 2020.08.04 2020.08.04 A mod that unifies features, restores out of bounds objects, fixes bugs, and makes other Quality of Life changes.
Patrick's Dream Robot Arena Area BFBBBroReturns Level GameCube 2020.06.30 2021.01.05 A mod of Patrick's Dream, that adds a ambush of robots in the level to fight, to earn a spatula.
Beta Goo Lagoon igorseabra4 Level GameCube 2020.06.29 2020.06.29 Restores the beta Goo Lagoon level (GL01) from the New Folder version that is present in the game. Not all asset formats were converted properly and crashes can occur.
Jellyfish Fields 64 (April Fools) igorseabra4 Texture GameCube 2020.04.01 2020.04.01 A texture mod which replaces textures in all sections of Jellyfish Fields with textures from Super Mario 64. Advertised as a mod which ported 4 levels from Super Mario 64 as an April Fools joke.
HD Texture Pack for Dolphin Joey Player Experience GameCube 2019.11.24 2019.11.24 An HD texture pack for BFBB on Dolphin (emulator).
Xbox UI Jtheman07 Player Experience GameCube 2019.10.22 2019.10.22 Patch that replaces the GameCube interface with the Xbox one. Great for playing with an Xbox controller.
Waterfall SFX Patch Jtheman07 Audio GameCube 2019.08.25 2019.08.25 Patch that changes the loud waterfall SFX in Kelp Forest and Jellyfish Fields to a more gentle sound.
Police Station Ambush BFBBBroReturns Level GameCube 2019.08.19 2021.01.05 Adds a robot ambush into the police station, defeat all the robots earn a spatula.
Rock Bottom Depths ProfFaBo Level GameCube 2019.08.13 2019.08.13 A custom Rock Bottom-themed level. See video.
Pyris' Unnamed BFBB Mod pyris vangogh Level GameCube 2019.07.21 2019.07.21 See playlist.
Beta HUD Restoration NickTheLegend Player Experience GameCube 2019.06.20 2019.06.20 Patch file
2019.06.20 HIP file
2019.06.20 Xbox Texture Pack
Restoration of the game's beta HUD.
Final BFBB Stage Gets Harder VGamer78 Level GameCube 2019.04.03 2019.04.03 Increases the challenge of Robo-SpongeBob's final phase.
Twisty Trials igorseabra4 Level GameCube 2019.02.19 2020.08.20 This is a custom level inspired by the Twisty Trials Galaxy level from Super Mario Galaxy. It is a short level with two spatulas.
Spongeball Arena without Spongeball hellfire Level GameCube 2018.11.28 2018.11.28 Spongeball Arena but you can walk around as Patrick or Sandy. There's a G-Love robot you must get hit by to switch characters. Switch characters cheat required.
Patrick's Dream With Skybox igorseabra4 Level GameCube 2018.05.23 2018.05.23 This mod adds a skybox to the unused Patrick's Dream level (DB05). See video.
Krabby Patty Platforms: Hard Mode igorseabra4 Level GameCube 2018.05.09 2018.05.09 This mod changes the Krabby Patty Platforms level (Mr. Krab's Dream) into a harder version. It's the first stage mod done only with HipHopTool and hex editing. See video.